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Hugslock exists to defeat the inadequacy of current manhole security arrangements and to provide the most advanced monitoring of critical infrastructure available. The vulnerabilities associated with traditional and manual locking covers have been reported by publications worldwide in recent years. The Sun Newspaper included the following article:


Anyone convicted in relation to metal thefts will be kicked out of the scrap trade, it will be announced from today. The Government will purge the industry of rotten elements from April with tough new rules. Licenses are currently torn up only if businesses cause pollution or are considered a nuisance. Environment Minister Lord Taylor said criminals who steal from railways and buildings, and dealers who fuel the market cause misery. Wessex Water which supplies parts of the West Country also warned cable thieves could cause a civil emergency.”

In June 2015, BBC reported that a manhole cover had exploded in Northampton causing injuries, exploding covers are a Global problem the Hugslock access cover would prevent:

“THIEVES who targeted underground telephone cables left more than 7,000 homes without a phone line or internet connection over the Easter weekend.  BT spent the Bank Holiday trying to restore phone and internet service after five major cables in the city centre were cut on Friday morning.”

BBC news reported 120 Stafford homes without phone services for three weeks in April 2013:

“About 120 homes in Stafford were left without phone lines and broadband for three weeks because of a faulty cable.  A spokesperson for the company (Openreach), Emma Tennant, said the cable fault was “most likely as a result of general wear and tear.”

The following video from an Australian news channel shows how hacking fibre optic cabling is a potential security risk for individuals and even National Security, all due to easy accessible manhole covers:

The following link from the BBC shows an access cover explosion in Pimlico, Central London. It was believed to have been caused by a faulty power cable – this could have been detected early and prevented with a Hugslock access cover:

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